MMC Business Solutions (MMC) is a management consulting company established to provide clients with exceptional business solutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in achieving their strategic goals and objectives. MMC is an accredited training provider by the Services SETA, the LGSETA, MICT SETA, CETA and CATHSSETA offering leadership and business, ICT, tourism and construction-related courses.

We will always…

  • Provide quality and excellent service to all clients
  • Serve with dedication and integrity
  • Prioritize client’s requirements
  • Deliver within the required time
  • Respect people, our clients and the community at large
  • Establish strategic partnerships with the public and private enterprises and work together in addressing challenges experienced in the workplace.
  • Promote sustainable business development through delivery of quality education and training in partnership with Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs) and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with clients to ensure consistency through business subject matter expertise and proven client engagement methodology.
  • Provide professional and innovative business solutions tailored to meet the needs of all clients.
  • Implement, monitor and evaluate well-articulated activities and ideas within the required timeframes
  • MMC is made up of a team of Professionals and Sector Specialists with the passion and commitment to partner with organisations to implement interventions aimed at enabling socio-economic transformation.
  • The knowledge and understanding of the skills development landscape makes MMC to be better positioned to support organisations in the implementation of their skills development interventions and also develop management systems that are responsive and cater for the reporting requirements of the different SETAs, SAQA and other relevant training and development agencies.
  • Our business and management consultants are business leaders with real world experience of working in the specific markets and industries we service. The combined practical experience of the team positions MMC strategically in being able to engage and assist organisations to navigate and deal with the many challenges they face daily.
  • We always strive to meet and exceed client expectations through our unique consulting engagement methodologies and innovative problem solving acumen, taking into account relevant local and global best practices.

MMC Business Solutions subscribes to a Collaborative Business Approach and we channel the expertise of our Professional Partners to optimize our capabilities and to align these to achieve the client’s organizational objectives.